, Wednesday, July 21 8:15 PM

My house is incredibly dull.

Most blogs show these beautiful houses that are perfectly decorated.

Weclome to my blog.

Here is a picture of the view from our couch:

I can show this picture, though, because I am hopeful that it won't always be dull.

This is a Before and After event.

In my defense, we haven't even been married four months yet. And also in my defense, I have only ever decorated
a childish bedroom and a college dorm room/apartment.

Never a whole house, and never without Disney princesses.

G.I. Joe has been telling me that he really wants to see some pictures or something up
on the walls, but I am terrified of putting anything up! You would think with all of the
spackle experience that I have under my belt, I wouldn't be so afraid of holes in the

But I am.

Sometimes the only thing to do is to face your fears. My mom and sister can't come and help me because the stork will be visiting my sister's house any minute.

So I went shopping.

Adult decorating shopping.

No Disney princesses.

First I went to Tuesday Morning. One of the best stores ever.

I found this:

I love, love, love it.

(I love, love, love him too.)

I also found this adorable frame.

I am going to blow up one of our wedding pictures and put it in it.

My wish/dream/goal/plan is to get a pretty little table,
put it against a wall that I have picked out in our living room,
hang the gorgeous mirror behind it,
and put picture frames all on top of the table.

That means I have to find a table.

I also ran by Kirklands. Another great store. They just so happened to be having a HUGE sale

I got both of these for $35.00.

They were marked for $40, but the girl gave me a $5 coupon!

I love cool cashiers!

I hung them above our couch.

I can't decide if they need to go closer together, or if they need something in between them.

Like this amazing clock we got as a wedding present from the secretaries at my dad's church.

Hopefully, I will have prettier pictures to show you of our house soon...and no more blank walls!

1 Response to "Treasures"

MikaShea Says:

i still haven't got my house decorated the way i want it :[ and i've been married over a year. lol. but i like what you have done so far lady. miss you.