My Favorite Blog

, Tuesday, July 13 6:06 AM

The whole reason I started a blog was because my mom started one several months ago and has really enjoyed it. My mom is the one in the cream and black dress in the picture. The other two are my incredible sisters. I will talk a lot about them in later posts, I promise.

My mom is so creative and such a great writer, so her blog is a lot of fun to read. She decided to tell about my blog on hers and even did a little interview of me! You can read it on doodlebug drama. She has a lot of really neat things on her blog. I am an avid reader of it!

1 Response to "My Favorite Blog"

Anna Says:

it IS a good blog! :)
Your such a good sister! I love you so much!! <3
Your blog is really cute! I love the clouds.