My Version of Chicken Salad

, Friday, July 9 10:49 AM

I love chicken salad - when it is made the way I like. For a long time, I thought I didn't like it because I had some pretty nasty versions, but Arby's changed my mind. Unfortunately, they do not sell their chicken salad sandwiches anymore (they were expensive, even for just the sandwich), but they inspired me. I decided that I knew what I liked in my chicken salad, and I could make my own. So I did. And G.I. Joe loves it. I made some today, and thought it might be a good thing to put on here. Pictures and all. This is not an official recipe so please do not get angry at the "pinch" and "spoonful" measurements.

Here is a picture of the ingredients:

(I love the bags of frozen chicken. They make my life so easy. I get the tenderloins because they thaw and cook faster and G.I. Joe and I don't eat all that much)

First I bake the chicken (about two or three breasts, five or six tenderloins) until it is tender enough to practically fall apart with a fork (about 20 mins at 350).

While the chicken is cooling, I chop up about two stalks of celery and about two handfuls of walnuts (pecans work well too, it is just whatever I have on hand).

Then, I cut (or tear) the chicken into small pieces.

I add in about three spoonfuls of mayo and about three spoonfuls of sweet relish. (Here is a "spoonful")

Everytime I make this, G.I. Joe's face lights up and it typically only lasts a day or two, no matter how much I make. It is good on sandwich bread, rolls, and crackers.

And this is how I like chicken salad. Burger King recently put up posters in their restaurants that explain your personality based on the condiments you choose for your burger. I wonder what mayo, sweet relish, walnuts, and celery say?

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