Life and Times

, Thursday, July 8 12:39 PM

There are a couple differences between who I want to be and who I currently am. 1) I want to be a better housekeeper. I would love to have a schedule for when I clean what room and stick to it! 2) I want to be a better cook. Side dishes are hard to come by and I'm getting tired of the rice and noodle packets. 3) I want to be a stronger wife. I want my G.I. Joe to be able to lean on me as much as I lean on him. 4) I want a deeper relationship with Christ. I want to depend on Him so completely that everything else is less important. 5) I want to be a better decorator. White walls just aren't cutting it. (I had to add this one because I just looked at the wall while I was thinking and shuddered.)

Creating a blog is not going to fix these things, and reading this blog will not change anyone's life. But, hopefully through this blog, I will be able to look back and see how I have progressed in these areas. Life is a crazy exciting journey, and God has already brought me through some pretty exciting and even tough times. This blog is to record the new adventures, yummy and failed recipes, decorating ideas, and life and times of this new wife.

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