Trick Or Treat, Trick Or Treat, Give Me A Sucker To Eat!

, Saturday, November 6 10:29 PM

I spent Halloween with my sister, her husband, and my two favorite kids. I have named my little neice. She will be Princess. This is her name because she was a princess ballerina for Halloween. She was so pretty!

My sister and I took her two days before Halloween to get her little ears pierced.

Prettiest. Baby. Ever.

For Halloween, my sister dressed up as Sleeping Beauty, and my brother-in-law was Prince Philip. They were adorable.

My brother-in-law loved his costume, except for he forgot his shoes had felt bottoms until he ran full-speed into the linoleum-floor kitchen...

Magellan was an alien robot. He loved being in his costume as much as his daddy did. He didn't fit in the carseat because he was so puffy, but he cried when we had to take it off of him!

We took him trick-or-treating around our old neighborhood after we scared some friends of ours. Magellan doesn't quite understand the goldmine of sweet treats that were at his disposal. The only candy he has discovered so far are suckers. And he loves suckers. At one house, he actually pushed the man's hand full of Snickers bars away and grabbed a sucker out of the man's bowl.

That's my nephew. He knows what he wants.

I dressed up as Medusa, the greek goddess. Not because of Percy Jackson or Clash of the Titans, though. G.I. Joe always calls me Medusa because of my crazy, curly, wild hair (especially when I first wake up...frightening! I was just about punched in the face by my brother-in-law in the middle of the night because of it!).

Here is my sister and I just before the Halloween party at our church.

My sister teased up my hair and fixed rubber snakes all in it. Then, a friend of ours did my make-up. She did an amazing job. I especially loved my fake eyelashes with golden tips.


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Anonymous Says:

love your Halloween recap. It was so good to see you! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Love you!