Games, Dates, and Poison Ivy

, Monday, August 16 9:15 AM

G.I. Joe has had some time off work, so I have been spending time with him instead of writing on here. Maybe that makes me a bad blogger, but I just can't give up any time I have with him.
Even to do something as fun as blog!
G.I. Joe and I love to just hang out together. Usually, we do free at-home stuff though. We love to play games like Scrabble

(we used every single letter in this game...and were really proud of it),
Upwords, ERS (a card game), Dutch Blitz (the best card game ever invented), and now Uno.

We just added Uno over the weekend. We bought the Toy Story version. There is even a "Claw" card which, when played, the opponent has to lay down a card with a small alien in the corner. We love it.

Another thing we do in our spare time is explore. One day we walked all in the woods behind our house (ended up in the apartment complex half a mile up the road). We love to visit old army forts and parks. Swinging is my favorite.

It is kind of rare for us to go out on a "date" date, but Saturday night we did. And we had so much fun.

We went to O'Charley's. As rarely as we go out to eat, this is our restaurant of choice. Their rolls are just perfect and they have half-price appetizers from 2-7pm and 9-10pm. We usually get just appetizers. SOooo yummy. I wanted to take a picture, but all the food was gone before I remembered. Ooops.

Then we went bowling. We have only lived here for a few months, so we are still learning where things are. Saturday night we found the bowling alley. And it is adorable.

It is in a barn. They call it "The Bowling Barn". How cute is that? And only in the south do you go "bowlin".

We had a lot of fun. G.I. Joe beat me...soundly...both games. In fact, his score was double mine the first game. I never boasted of being a good bowler. Maybe I need to work on my stance...

I don't know what it is about bowling shoes, but I love them. If I could, I would wear them out. I know they're supposed to be ugly, but I have never thought so. Maybe it is just because I associate them with something so fun.

Then, to top it all off, we went and saw a movie. After a hot fudge sundae and lemonberry slulsh from Sonic. It was a perfect night.
It may seem simple, but it doesn't take much to entertain the two of us. I guess that's why we get along so well!

And an update on my poison ivy. It definitely got worse before it got better. It spread all over my legs, my arms, my shoulders look like they are just sunburnt, and my neck is covered. It is still itching like crazy, but the swelling and the redness are starting to go down.

I tried Ivy-Dry, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Ivy-Rest, and just plain hot water. Honestly, the hot water worked better than anything. The other things were really starting to burn my arms, so I quit using any of them.

This is one of those times when, just as it starts to get better, I think "I should have gone to the doctor." Oh well.

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Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust Says:

Poison ivy is the worst! The last time I got it, I had to take steroids to get over it. Good luck!

Warmly, Michelle