"And Take a Glance at the Fancy Ants..."

, Wednesday, August 11 10:07 AM

I am a huge fan of Louis Armstrong. I always have been.

G.I. Joe and his mom danced to his song, "It's a Wonderful World" at our wedding.

It was really precious.

A couple of weeks ago, G.I. Joe and I were at a store here in town. It is similar to Barnes and Noble, but a little less fancy. They sell used books, CD's, movies, and games, as well as new ones. They also rent movies and TV shows.

We don't have TV so we have had fun renting TV shows.

Anyway, I found a Louis Armstrong CD. I have always wanted a Louis Armstrong CD, but I never actually bought one. Actually, I never found one, but I wasn't looking very hard.

This particular store had a three disc album for $3.99!!!

I love good deals.

I have one of the discs in my car and another in the stereo in the house.

Cooking to the horn of Louis Armstrong is one of the most fun things ever!

Because I have been enjoying his music so much, I wanted to share him on here. I found this video on YouTube and decided to post this particular song because my nephew is crazy about "The Jungle Book".

I don't know if he appreciates Louis Armstrong yet, but he is showing quite a bit of musical promise so I'm sure he will.

I just love watching him sing! He looks like he is having so much fun. And listening to him is so much fun!

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